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Albert Jay Nock

Albert Jay Nock

Works on our website:

Our American Upper Class

"One finds that we are not actually against an upper class, because we have one and think highly of it. We are merely against the formal acknowledgment that we have one."

The Gods' Lookout

"So long as the State stands as an impersonal mechanism which can confer an economic advantage at the mere touch of a button, men will seek by all sorts of ways to get at the button, because law-made property is acquired with less exertion than labour-made property. It is easier to push the button and get some form of State-created monopoly like a land-title, a tariff, concession or franchise, and pocket the proceeds, than it is to accumulate the same amount by work."


Following up on an unfinished article by Jeremy Bentham, an essay on how terms such as "individualism," " laissez-faire," "free competition," "capitalism," "democracy" and "republic" are badly misused, often by people who have agendas to obscure.

The Liberal in the Dark

A rebuke of those who disdain fundamental moral principles.

Native Radicalism, not Liberalism

The difference between liberals, who suppose the state to be an instrument of social good and see the struggle between labor and capital, and radicals, who suppose it to be exploitive and see the battle as against state-sanctioned monopoly.

Thoughts on Utopia

A general disparagement of utopian reformers, with the exception of Henry George, who "did not contemplate prescription, but, on the contrary, would reduce it almost to zero."

Works on other websites:

Our Enemy, the State

An analysis of how the state arose and what it's original functions were, based heavily on Franz Oppenheimer's The State.

Isaiah's Job

An excellent analysis of the futility of mass-movement politics, flawed only by an overstated case against political action of any kind.


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